Board the restored American Orient Express vintage streamliner for a luxury rail journey on the country's premier private train. Consistent quality, added value and expanded trip options distinguish our exclusive North American rail adventures.

The American Orient Express pairs comfort with wilderness, history with modern convenience, and cultural enrichment with interpretation. We are the premier company offering experiences of this kind. Join us for the adventure of a lifetime.

The Experience

A trip onboard the American Orient Express is a singular experience. Find out more about what you can expect on your journey.

The Trips

From the cliffs and waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies, to the rich heritage and history of the Antebellum South, the American Orient Express offers a trip for your interests.

The Dining

Elegant, exciting meals are an essential part of the American Orient Express experience. Learn more about our fine dining service.

The Vintage Cars

The beautifully restored cars of the American Orient Express once carried passengers across the nation in the golden age of rail travel.

The Accommodations

Learn about the range of accommodations offered aboard our sleeping cars, from single occupant sleepers to luxurious cabins.